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Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Board

The College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences (CEHHS) Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Board is composed of graduate student representatives from each department in the college. These students were selected by their respective department heads to serve as liaisons between graduate students and our dean. The advisory board meets with the dean on a monthly basis.

In addition to advising the dean, the members of the Graduate Student Advisory Board are responsible for coordinating two annual events. The Graduate Student Research Panel, held once a year, is designed to answer students questions about conducting original research. The Graduate Student Research Colloquium, held each year in March, is a forum for graduate students to showcase their research through presentations or poster sessions.

You may view the archives, join or leave the Graduate Report list here.

If you have questions about the Graduate Student Advisory Board, please contact your department’s representative or e-mail us at


Graduate Student Advisory Board Mission Statement:


  •  Represent the college’s graduate student body to inform the Dean’s office.
  •  Act as Liaison’s for the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences
    • Help organize others/reach out to prospective graduate students
  • Plan or support college level social/academic collaborative activities
    • Graduate Student Survey
    • Other activities/panels/socials

Process for becoming a GSAB member

  • Referral from the Department or GSAB Member
  • Self-nomination

Duties/Responsibilities of GSAB members

  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Help administer Graduate Student Survey
  • Interface with Dean’s office
  • Be a representative to the other students
  • Coordinate a Graduate Student Social
  • Host a Vol to Vol experience for undergraduate students to partner with Graduate Students.

Benefits of being a GSAB member

  • Opportunity to provide leadership for your graduate program
  • Mentor undergraduate students
  • Be an Advocate and Representative