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Dean’s Undergraduate Ambassador Board

Welcome to the Dean’s Undergraduate Ambassador Board!  Below you will find information about the purpose of this group and associated outcomes, opportunities, and details.  Each spring, two or more undergraduate students from each CEHHS department will be selected as a part of a competitive process to represent their academic home on the board for the upcoming year.

The Dean’s Undergraduate Ambassador Board (DUAB) provides an opportunity for members to represent the college as student ambassadors and to advocate and provide feedback regarding the student experience to the College’s administration.  Additionally, board members gain leadership experience as a liaison between the academic departments and the DUAB and the DUAB and campus at large.

  • Opportunity to represent your department and college!
  • Engage with prospective new students and promote the University of Tennessee
  • Provide feedback to the College’s administration regarding the student experience
  • Opportunities to gain leadership experience (see below)
  • Networking opportunities with CEHHS administrators, staff, and the Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB)
  • Recognition of service at the CEHHS spring commencement ceremony along with a commencement cord for all members who meet the minimum
    responsibility requirements (see below)
  • Dean’s Undergraduate Ambassador Board t-shirt

At the first meeting, the Board will nominate one individual to serve in the following capacities:
•Chair – this position serves to call all meetings to order.  He/she will prepare an agenda for each meeting and will serve as the liaison between the DUAB and the Staff Advisor.  The Chair will also assist in coordinating recruitment activities for DUAB members.
•Vice-Chair – this position assists the Chair with monthly agenda development and guest speaker coordination.  This position also serves as the liaison to the CEHHS academic departments, as needed.
•Communications Chair – this position records the minutes for all monthly meetings and e-mails minutes to all board members and Staff Advisors.  This position also assists with tracking meeting and recruitment event attendance.

At the first meeting, the Board will nominate one student to represent the DUAB at the following committees:
A. Provost Student Advisory Council-attend monthly meeting with the Provost to discuss current issues on Campus.
B. Student Government Association (SGA) representative
C. Dean of Libraries’ Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) representative
The representative will be responsible for updating the Board at the monthly meetings and is expected to attend all meetings for the above organizations.

All DUAB members are expected to attend all monthly meetings.  If not able to attend a meeting, notification in advance should be submitted to the Communications Chair and Primary Staff Advisor.  Dates and times of the meeting for the subsequent academic term will be shared with members as early as possible for scheduling purposes.

All members are required to participate in a minimum of 3 recruiting events per semester.  A schedule of recruiting events will be shared with board members so students can sign up using Google drive.

All members should be available Monday – Friday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm for prospective student visits.

All members will participate in e-mail correspondence with potential students through the RockyTopNewVol@utk account.  Board members may also be asked to participate in other outreach activities such as letter writing, phone calls, or assisting with prospective student on-campus visits.

  • Good Standing  CEHHS
  • 2.5 UT cumulative GPA
  • Previous leadership experience, preferred
  • Capacity to meet the minimum responsibilities as outlined above
  • Ability to provide a positive image of CEHHS
  • Complete Interview

Occur every Tuesday and Friday.  Students will interact with families to complete a 10 minute tour. Please check the Google doc daily for the schedule.

We are now taking applications for the 2022-2023 academic year, HERE. The application deadline is April 8th.



Representatives for the 2021-22 academic year are as follows:


Student Name Grade Department
Mary Grace Myers Sophomore Audiology and Speech Pathology
Mary Kathryn Phelps Sophomore Audiology and Speech Pathology
Abbie Baricevich Junior Audiology and Speech Pathology-Audiology
Ivanna Figueredo Junior Ivanna Figueredo Audiology and Speech Pathology
Abigail Rohn Junior Abbie Rohn Audiology and Speech Pathology
Allison Costello Senior Allison Costello Audiology and Speech Pathology
Gracie Mennen Senior Audiology and Speech Pathology
Samantha Popkin Sophomore Samantha Popkin Child and Family studies-Community Outreach
Ansley Salem Senior Child and Family Studies-Community Outreach
Kendall Walker Senior Kendall Walker Child and Family studies-Community Outreach
Amelia Spurlin Senior Child and Family Studies:Early Childhood Education PreK-3
Madeline Pabst Junior Retail, Hotel, and Tourism Management
Mikayla Castora Junior Hospitality and Tourism Management
Brooklyn Barnes Sophomore Kinesiology
Carolyn Barksdale Junior Kinesiology
Riley Hilton Junior Kinesiology
Sarah Weeks Junior Kinesiology
Jasmyne Cox Senior Jasmyne Cox Kinesiology
Abigail Ferguson Senior Kinesiology
Alexandria Stomatt Senior Nutrition-Basic Science
Daria Baker Sophomore Nutrition-Dietetics
Jordan Lyons Junior Nutrition-Dietetics
Samantha Adams Junior Retail and Consumer Science
Campbell Horma Junior Retail and Consumer Science
Tara Love Sophomore    Tara Love Sport Management
Michael Calvin Junior Sport Management
Maggie Sparks Junior Maggie Sparks Sport Management
Ryan Castlin Sophomore Therapeutic Recreation
Maddison Conner Sophomore Maddison Conner Therapeutic Recreation
Morgan Miller Junior Therapeutic Recreation