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Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own Teacher Licensure Program



The Grow Your Own program allows you to become a teacher at little to no cost while maintaining a job in a school system that allows you to learn while you earn. This is a two or three-year program as it requires you to work in a school full-time as well as complete graduate-level courses. This is an intense program that will require dedication to complete.

Courses for this program are offered 100% online and either in the evenings or asynchronous in order to accommodate work schedules. You will earn your teaching licensure and either a Master’s degree or an EdS degree upon program completion.

To qualify for the Grow Your Own Teacher Apprentice Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a Bachelor’s Degree
  • You must be employed by a partnering school district, which must recommend and support your participation in the program. (Examples: Tutor, Teaching Assistant, Paraprofessional). If you need assistance regaining a qualifying position, please contact with the school district that you are interested in.


Program Areas of Grow Your Own Initial Licensure Include:

  • Middle Grades Mathematics
    •  Mathematics 6-8 (122) Endorsement
    •  Mathematics 6-10 (2002) Endorsement
  • Middle Grades Science
    • Science 6-8 (123) Endorsement
  •  Secondary English
    • English 6-12 (159) Endorsement
  • Secondary Mathematics
    • Mathematics 6-12 (125) Endorsement
  •  Secondary Science
    • Biology 6-12 (126) Endorsement
    • Chemistry 6-12 (127) Endorsement
    • Earth Science 6-12 (128) Endorsement
    • Physics 6-12 (129) Endorsement
  • Secondary Social Science
    • History 6-12
    • Government 6-12
    • Economics 6-12
    • Geography 6-12
  • English as a Second Language 6-12
  •  Special Education
    •  Special Education Interventionist K-8 (144) Endorsement
    •  Special Education Interventionist 6-12 (145) Endorsement
    •  Special Education Comprehensive Program K-12 (461) Endorsement


The application window for Fall 2023 Grow Your Own Cohort will be open June 19th through August 6th. The application process will be posted here (to this webpage) by June 19th. Please subscribe to our email list to receive reminders and updates.