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Transfer Student Information

If you have been admitted to UT and have sent in all your transcripts, please read below with important curriculum information that addresses how to Access/Understand Your Academic History. If you have courses that have not been evaluated or are planning future courses at another institution, you may find the UT Registrar’s course equivalency tables helpful.

If you would like more information about your program or would like to discuss the transfer process, please visit our Transfer Students home page.

Accessing/Understanding Your Academic History

The most important piece to the transfer puzzle is your academic history, which can be accessed from the MyUTK homepage shortly after you have been admitted to the university. It is vital that the University of Tennessee undergraduate admissions office have a chance to review ALL of your previous transcripts—preferably before you make an advising appointment. For a better understanding of how to read your academic history please see the following information:

LD vs. UD—You may find some courses marked as LD or UD. This stands for “lower division” or “upper division.” LD indicates that the course did not transfer as an exact UT course but is coming in as a 100–200 level course. UD indicates that the course is coming in as a 300–400 level course but again is not an exact match.

You will be able to petition LD and UD courses that you feel satisfy specific requirements toward your major. You will not be able to complete the petition process at orientation, but we can certainly help you address these concerns at a follow-up appointment. To learn more about the petition process, click here.

If you’re curious to learn how the courses you completed at other institutions will likely transfer to UT, you can find many course equivalencies on the registrar’s transfer equivalency tables (for institutions in the state of Tennessee and bordering states). Please click here to find the transfer table.